Despite the adventure of living 10,000 miles from home with a newborn, we found our life in Sydney settling into a mindless routine that plagues much of the modern world. Wake, work, daycare, dinner, repeat. Soon we found ourselves on autopilot, simply going through the motions.

Numbed by parental responsibilities, stresses of work, managing a website, and the other daily challenges of life, we began searching for ways to be more mindful, efficient, and effective.

What we found were a variety of complicated strategies and routines from an exhausting pile of podcasts, books, and blogs.

What we have is the few minutes each morning before Cecilia wakes up.

What works for us, and we believe will work for you is five focused minutes.

Our 45 day challenge will equip you with knowledge, motivation, and community support to fill your mind with more positive thoughts on a daily basis. 

The challenge began as part of our own personal practice. Over time, it evolved through our research into the science of self-affirmations, self-talk, and positive psychology. We developed an amazing addition to our morning routines, and it is simple. We spend five minutes focused on who we really want to be.

Find Your Five Focused Minutes: